Bc & Ontario

Equalization unfairness is hardly just an Alberta problem.  As this graphic makes clear, a strong majority of Canadians are paying dearly for $21 billion in payments to the provincial governments of Quebec, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and PEI.

If this were a case of genuine need that would be one thing. As the links below make clear however, the $21 billion going to 5 governments in 2021 is unfair, unaffordable, and unnecessary. Families in Ontario and B.C. shouldn’t have $8.5 billion of their federal taxes – or $2400 per family of four – being sent by Ottawa to provincial governments that are hardly less able to raise the taxes they need to deliver their provincial services.

Even a 50% rebate would mean over $4 billion going to Ontario’s government, and $1.5 billion going to B.C. and Alberta.

It might be politically difficult for Alberta and Saskatchewan to get meaningful reforms, but when you add BC and Ontario to the mix you have a supermajority that cannot be ignored.

So if you have friends, relatives, or business associates in these provinces, please share this material with them and ask them to start talking to their own friends and neighbours about how much Canada needs to reform Equalization.